Sunny Sunday with Sunnies

Lovely Round Sunglasses 

Today was a sunny sunday ! I decided to wear a very casual style today and taking some cute pictures! I love my round sunnies , actually I love all kind of sunglasses , I think is a great accesory !
I'm reading a Fashion book and it has a really interesting quote ( I'm a Quote Lover) that says : STYLE DOESN'T HAVE A PRICE TAG ... well I think everybody knows that! and if you don't , I have to say that It doesn't matter if you are wearing a $50 outfit or a $500 outfit , if you have style ...that's what it counts PERIOD! , so don't waste your time giving the aparience that you have a very expensive outfit ! that's not the idea of having a great taste for style and fashion , and don't misunderstand me, I'm not against of expensive high couture clothes and accessories , because I do respect the materials,fabrics , design and time that great characters of fashion have put into them, is just that the price isn't everything!! ; the truth is I have found many items  in less  of $10, I think that's a very good skill of a stylist! just saying haha . 
As some people know I'm also want to be a fashion designer and  I have designed many items that don't  go beyond $50!!! ... so...thumbs up for that quote: Style doesn't have a price tag !

PS: How's the weather in your city ?
         PS2: I took my photos with my phone haha

{All pictures taken by me , and List from Fashiolista}
[ Michael Kors Round Sunnies & Forever21 Shirt ]

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  1. cool blog!

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  2. Hey Gloria! That is so true. I've seen people spend millions of dollars with designer stuff from head to toe and they don't look good. Either you have it, don't, or hire somebody that can make you look like you have it. I can work with nothing and make things look good. Love your sunglasses girl!

  3. Thank you!!! , and yes people spend millions of dollars in a lot of stuff and they really don't look good , is all about style !

  4. i love round glasses, however I am not one to pull them off. i have really high cheek bones. you look adorable in them!!

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